Fiction Short Stories 


The first writing I ever seriously engaged in was writing short stories with a vaguely science fiction bent and typically a bit macabre -- probably best described as "Twilight Zone" fiction. You could probably say it's still my first love. These are what I write for my own personal fun and enjoyment without thinking about the chores of publishing them as I do my essays; they haven't even been sent to my editor. They give my imagination some exercise, and actually I evolved my "signature" nonfiction writing style (that is to say my typical style, which is perhaps too predictable but always identifiable as "Shara-esque") from my typical fiction style of weaving two seemingly separate story lines ever closer together until they collide. In the glorious age of personal websites and blogs, it's fun to throw a few up for anyone who might enjoy them ... it's always nice to think that at least one other person besides myself will derive some entertainment from my imagination.


The Ghost of Grand Gulch - Ben's ignorance of his cultural heritage results in dramatic consequences across time, affecting his very own ancestors.


The Thin Place - Lenny knew there was something off about this place, but his curiosity leads him down a path he may not be able to turn back from.


The Tear Master - Percival becomes obsessed with manipulating his emotions in specific ways.