I'm a writer who also dabbles as a photographer. I make my home on the edge of a forest in Nederland, Colorado -- a small town in the Rocky Mountains. Most of my work, both written and visual, is inspired by travel abroad. I'm very interested in other cultures and have a love for a number of scientific disciplines, though I myself am not a very disciplined person and therefore have only a lay-person's knowledge. However, concepts in physics, cosmology and other fields often make their way into my writing. I also like melding fictional elements into my nonfiction, but in very obvious ways such as the form of a legend or extravagant metaphor; I don't wish to confuse the reader into wondering what really did or didn't happen.  A common problem for readers of creative nonfiction writing is knowing how much to trust the author, wondering how much they fudge the truth for the sake of making a better story. I sometimes lament having scruples, as I am forced to abandoned some really great anecdotes because I don't have enough to back them up into a full story if I stick to the truth. But alas, I write only what I truly experienced. 

I have no fancy MFA or PhD nor any association with academia. I just write because it's what's in my soul (and am willing to admit it may be a rather twisted soul ... yet it is mine, I must claim it).

My websites are cross-linked so you can see photos and travel blogs which have associations with my essays.

You may notice the discrepancy in my last name. I write literary essays and fiction under my maiden name, and travel writing/photography under my married name.

Thanks for reading!